Stun Guns: Why They Are So Popular

The vast majority when they hear the words “Immobilizer” consider Star Trek or sci-fi. As opposed to that conviction, immobilizers have become one of the most profoundly viable, generally utilized and entirely dependable in the weapons store of wrongdoing battling apparatuses. Over the long haul, their utilization gains in ubiquity as a non-deadly self preservation weapon for people and an exceptionally intense weapon for police officers.


Immobilizers briefly debilitate focuses by sending a high voltage however low amperage charge of power to the sensory system. This causes a disturbance in the body’s neurological motivations that control muscle development overpowering the neuromuscular framework making the casualty lose balance. It additionally causes impermanent incomplete loss of motion and drains the body’s arrangement of glucose (energy) making the body too frail to even consider moving.

They cause no drawn out harm. The impacts can keep going for a few minutes. They don’t depend on torment for results. The current can’t pass to your body through the objective.


For would be casualties of burglary, attack, assault, murder, abducting the sight and sound of an immobilizer charge may be sufficient to stop an aggressor. In the event that not, then a 3-5 second portion of 700,000 volts will be enough for the vast majority to get away from the 6.5 Creedmoor ammo they are in. Ladies who live alone or work in separated regions, for example, realtors are a portion of the many individuals finding immobilizers simple to convey and cover. Teachers, individuals who work late around evening time can guard themselves with immobilizers with extraordinary viability. They are little, handily covered or camouflaged and simple to utilize.

An immobilizer is an instrument in the battle against wrongdoing: it isn’t deadly and, best case scenario, will give the casualty 2-3 minutes to get away. Escape is superior to the other option.

Brands, for example, Stun Master immobilizer, Scorpion, Panther, Firefly, Z force immobilizer and Talon immobilizer have models that reach from 80,000 volts to 975,000 volts. Immobilizers can be veiled as phones, spotlights, or pagers for the component of shock. Immobilizers have quickly turned into a well known self protection weapon of decision for some individuals in the present wrongdoing attacked society. Immobilizers are unlawful in a few states.


Odds are excellent that you are perusing this on the grounds that here and there wrongdoing has contacted your life or you need to be proactive and safeguard yourself, family, home, or business from the assaults of wrongdoing. That is the initial step.

Presently the following stage is for you to make a move TODAY and buy a superstar immobilizer. Take a gander at our determination of self protection/home security items at the two of which give genuine “Security Solutions”.

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