M16 Airsoft Gun – Getting Started in Airsoft With the M16

 M16 Airsoft Gun – Getting Started in Airsoft With the M16

Many people choose the M16 Airsoft Gun as their first Airsoft rifle because it is one of the most versatile rifles in the world. It is also a replica of the standard issue rifle for .38 special ammo  many of the world’s best armed forces. It is also one of the most mass produced rifles in the world, being outdone by only a small number of other rifles like the AK47.

Countries like the United States of America issue these reliable guns to many of their soldiers stationed all over the planet. The M16 is also used by most of the NATO’s member countries.

Picking the right gun is one of the most important choices that a beginner in Airsoft must make. Before picking your very own M16 Airsoft Gun, the first thing you have to do is look at your budget. How much are you willing to spend for an Airsoft rifle? This will be one of the main factors that influence what brand of M16 Airsoft Gun you are going to purchase.

The best thing about the M16 Airsoft Gun is that it is one of the most versatile Airsoft guns available. It can be used for target shooting, picking off cans in your back yard and it can also do very well in real Airsoft games and matches. The rifle’s collapsible body makes it easy to use in close quarter fighting, especially when used with a laser targeting system.

This rifle is also effective in areas like forests and woods, where you can use a better scope and heavier Airsoft pellets for added range and accuracy. This can be the decisive advantage you need to win the match. Don’t forget that the M16 can also be fired in semi-automatic or fully automatic modes, adding even more versatility to a jack-of-all-trades.

Another big advantage with using the M16 Airsoft Gun is the sheer number of available add-ons and upgrades. The M16 Airsoft Gun is one of the most customizable rifles in the market. These Airsoft rifles are also very affordable. Although some of these rifles can cost over $300, you can get a decent M16 for around $125.

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