Hobnobbing with a Blackfoot Chief

We have the Blackfoot Indians here in Idaho. Some of them live in the Blackfoot reservation. The Blackfoot are not simply in Idaho. They are an enormous country that covers a ton of domain.

I went to sit down briefly to talk with Long Standing Bear, a Blackfoot Chief. I drove up to the booking and halted in the Museum opposite the club. I requested to see Long Standing Bear. I was informed that he didn’t live in Idaho however that I could possibly track down a boss in the little town beneath the gambling club. I went into a trinket shop and  บาคาร่า with Paul. I said, “Would you say you are a head of the Blackfoot Nation?”

Paul: Who is inquiring?

Hack: Taylor Jones, the hack essayist.

Paul: I’m a central then, at that point.

Hack: I comprehend that you don’t put stock in unique sin.

Paul: We trust in the excellence and strength of our own being. Disregard the absurd conviction that you and your kindred individuals were conceived evil. The people who might control you every one of the times of your life on earth sustain the conviction.

Hack: That sounds like what is on your authority site, http://www.blackfoot.org/.

Paul: I’ll be darned.

Hack: Anything on truth and trustworthiness?

Paul: Live an existence of truth and trustworthiness. This makes you an individual of value and nobility. Truth and genuineness are the sort of authority characteristics that draws in others.

Hack: That sounds word for word to me.

Paul: Is that a swear word?

Hack: No, Paul. It implies it’s actually the thing is on your authority site.

Paul: Oh, OK.

Hack: What do you need to say about regard to the older?

Paul: Give honor and regard to others paying little mind to progress in years and circumstance throughout everyday life. This quality makes you and others deserving of honor and regard, which makes others, feel beneficial and satisfied. Honor and regard engages others so they can win the day. They will return it to you fourfold.

Hack: Paul! Is that a card you have under the counter? Might it be said that you are perusing from a card?

Paul: We must be prepared for vacationer. Do you anticipate that we should retain everything?

Hack: I suppose you have a point, Paul. Shouldn’t something be said about the great earth?

Paul: Honor the earth and all that exists. Be solid in this conviction and practice it all through your life since it makes for a universe of generosity that ties every one of the beneficial things of coexistence surrounded by concordance.

Hack: You cause me to feel so unassuming, Paul.

Paul: Be unassuming yet not hesitant. To be unassuming is to interface yourself to the stars and the whole universe and makes you mindful something stands out about existence that will be delighted in unafraid. We are individuals from the stars and on account of it we are holy.

Hack: I can’t help thinking about how the Blackfoot public discovered that they were from the stars. We know now that there was no life until stars went cosmic explosion and spread the heavier components around to gather as planets. We are in a real sense made of the components from dead stars. It’s astonishing that you Blackfoot individuals have known that 100% of the time.

Paul: We know all that?

Hack: It sure appears so.

Paul: Could you record that for me?

Hack: Sure, Paul. Shouldn’t something be said about the fantasies Indians have? Their meaning could be a little clearer. Shouldn’t something be said about the White Buffalo?

Paul: Help others understand that life is a lovely dream. Visionaries are the butterflies of life and help other people to understand their fantasies. You can look into the other stuff on the Internet.

Hack: Well, have you seen the White Buffalo?

Paul: I got up there past the point of no return. It had changed variety.

Hack: Does that matter?

Paul: No. Be funny and help other people to appreciate life and the existence of others. Humor makes you alluring. The silly individual has numerous visitors and the person who is welcomed wherever as a result of the delight they bring to the social event.

Hack: Here’s a joke. A sales rep pursued a quick running chicken into a homestead yard. He asked the rancher for what reason the chicken could run so quick. The rancher said he had a great deal of quick running chickens and it was on the grounds that they had three legs. The sales rep inquired as to whether they were great eating. The rancher said, “Don’t have any idea. Haven’t had the option to get one.”

Paul: Hear about the three Indian squaws that couldn’t get pregnant? They went to the medication man. He advised the first to rest on a deer stow away, the second to rest on an elk stow away, and the third to rest on a moose stow away. Following nine months the squaw that rested on the deer conceal told the medication man that she had a fine new child, the squaw that dozed on the elk side said something very similar. The third squaw, who rested on the moose stow away was going to report when the Medicine man said, “You had twin children!” They were flabbergasted and asked how he knew that. The Chief said, “The amount of the squaw on the moose stow away is equivalent to the amount of the squaws on the other two stows away.”

Hack: I saw at http://www.native-languages.org/blackfoot.htm that there are two current Blackfoot dialects, the old and the new.

Paul: The endowment of language is a wonder and it is intended to be utilized to carry on with an existence of concordance, bliss, love, and regard. Never be reluctant to talk matters over with those you can’t help contradicting or those you love. Use it well and use it frequently.

Hack: Well?

Paul: What was your inquiry once more, White Man?

Hack: It appears to be that the characteristics you depict are advantageous for everybody.

Paul: What is depicted here is initiative and satisfaction in the broadest sense. These are the characteristics that make for an incredible dad, grandma, mother, instructor, granddad, darling, conventional pioneer, companion and an extraordinary person. Best of everything you can add to this rundown.

Hack: Would you set that card aside. What about some lunch?

Paul: How about purchasing a deer or elk stow away?

Hack: Okay. What do you have for $20.00?

Paul: Well, I surmise I’ll take the lunch. Could a breeze ring for your squaw and wristbands for those 32 grandchildren of yours?

Counting lunch the all out was $185.48.

The End

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