Security Guard Employment

Protection is necessary in the society we live in. Since the first organized societal towns and villages, security has been important to keep one’s valuables and things protected from thieves and the elements beginning with village rovers to town criers, security has played an integral part of society.

The modern Guard is a private individual employed by a security company working for various clients in differing capacities residential security UK. Almost all security is a twenty-four hour a day job throughout the year and guards are required to work various shifts to meet clients requirements and demands.

Security Guard employment entails a number of different roles the security professional must be able to assume. No longer is the security guard exclusively a retired person making key rounds at night (although there are many facilities that still require regular patrols and key rounds and this is a large part of the job especially at night) but a trained professional meeting the changing demands of law enforcement.

Working in concert with the local law enforcement community, the Security Guard of today is the eyes and ears when regular enforcement is unavailable or not around. They must be able to respond professionally to situations requiring in many cases immediate action and be ready and able to call in regular law enforcement when needed. Utmost and imperative in the Security Guard’s mind is the safety and protection of the client’s property and employees of the facility they work in including the public in general.

Training for Security Guards varies from security company but usually all guards must undergo weapons and first aid training in a addition to instruction of how to properly and effectively respond to emergency situations and some basic self-defense techniques. Most states require that Security Guards be certified in that state and this entails an extensive background investigation and some states also administer a written and practical examination that must be passed before the person can be certified.

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